HD Player. Enjoy 4K HDR contents on iPhone, iPad & TV.

  • Enable 4K HDR playback (HDR10 & Dolby Vision).
  • Surround audio on tvOS.
  • Supports most of video & audio codecs.
  • Play videos on local network (SMB sharing).
  • View on AppStore

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HD Player. Play most of audio & video codecs.

  • Support most of audio, video codecs: HEVC, H264, AVI, AAC, MP3, AC-3...
  • Support lossless audios.
  • Support many subtitle types: SRT, ASS, SMI, MicroDVD...
  • Auto-detect subtitle encoding.

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HD Player. Transfer video files by Finder.

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB cable.
  • Open Finder & navigate to your device on the sidebar.
  • Click "Files" tab & locate HD Player app position.
  • Drag your video files to HD Player app.

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HD Player. Transfer video files by Web Browser.

  • Open HD Player, go to tab 'Location'. On 'Add Files' section, select 'From Browser'.
  • Connect your Computer to the same WiFi with iDevice.
  • Open web browser (on your computer) and access to the address displayed on your iDevice.
  • Click 'Browse...', select the video file(s) then click 'Submit'.
  • Wait for the uploading complete.

HD Player. Transfer video files by WebDAV.

  • Open HD Player, go to tab 'Location'. On 'Add Files' section, select 'From WebDAV'.
  • Connect to the WebDAV address displayed on HD Player using Finder (Mac) or Window Explorer (Windows).
  • Copy your video file(s) to the WebDAV address.
  • For more details, please watch the demo video.

HD Player. Other transfer methods.

  • iCloud.
  • SMB file sharings.

HD Player. Add video sources to Home Tab

Home tab loads videos from 3 source types:
  • HD Player's Documents folder.
  • Device's shared folder.
  • SMB folder.
  SMB folder source is prefer on Apple TV.